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Explore Marketerboard workplace and toolkit, designed to help you plan, organize and manage your marketing projects and campaigns. 

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Get a centralized project view having all the activities being performed to achieve goal and to help you in and around of your project.


It is an aggregator of marketing channels and collaboration activities. No more spending time in consolidating campaign information.

Marketing Channels

Plan & perusal awesome marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Through Marketerboard you can plan for integrated marketing channels as we brought all under one roof.


Prioritize, schedule, assign, and discuss multiple projects tasks and handle deadline with an ease.


Keep a note of your ideas, meetings and important discussions to not loose on any information.


Make your company's asset available for your team to use as and when required.


Block your own calendar or invite in just one click.

Holistic View of a projects/campaigns

Spend less time in coordinating and more on delivering by keeping everything related at a single place. Get Calendar | List | Section View.


Plan & Perusal Awesome Marketing campaigns

Through Marketerboard, you can plan for integrated marketing channels as we brought all of them under one roof.

Prepare Content Calendar

No social integration is required, prepare your calendar to pitch or to execute quickly and easily.

Send & schedule Press Release, Email & SMS

Run PR, Email & SMS campaigns directly from Marketerboard.


Stay Connected, Organize & Communicate Where Your Audience Are.

The beauty is you get a centralized & decentralized view of your projects/campaigns activities, activities which are being performed to acheive a ultimate goal of a any projects/campaign, No more back & forth on checking email trails, sharing multiple files, spending time on consolidating information.

A platform is Built to empower every marketer on a planet

We are dedicated to helping every marketer to be more productive, intelligent & smarter.

Designed for startups, entrepreneurs, small & medium businesses, looking for a seamless, agile and scalable intuitive marketing campaign solutions. 

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A marketing aggregator will help marketers to save their time of consolidating the campaigns

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