Is Email Marketing an effective and result driven marketing channel?

The answer is yes, As per 2018 study, email marketing is one of the most effective and strong marketing channel among all other marketing channels like social media, SEO and so on. Email marketing is possibly the best strategy for your business which you can opt for.


Before get into the steps it is good to clear the basics, let’s understand what is Email Marketing?


Broadcast emails to potential prospects to acquire them as a lifetime customer. It helps to keep the users updated with new product launch, services, discounts and seasonal offers. Also use to develop and maintain relationship with customers and clients.


In Simple Term, Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy that help businesses to promote their brand and services via emails.


Know 5 Steps to leverage Email Marketing

  • Be Prepared
  • Design
  • Testing & Send
  • Measure
  • Optimize & Grow


#Be Prepared

Planning in advance can really help, Take a few minutes to brainstorm and jot down the important points/communication and dates you wish to highlight or showcase. While planning always cover the following points –

  • Fill in the holidays (Mark in calendar)
  • Plan communication (What to say)
  • Build Segment (Understand your Audience)
  • Don’t forget to plan for your mobile.



Designing emails is all about being concise on what you want to highlight to your subscribers. You only get one shot, to drive an action. Always keep in mind your design should give value and relevant to your audience. To design a perfect emailer, know what to remember –

  • Stay Focused
  • Be concise
  • Be Transparent
  • Be Scannable
  • Repeat CTA (Call to Actions).
  • Personalize email is a key to the overall customer experience.

Studies say, “personalized email subject line with a subscribers first name can increase open rates by 16% higher than non personalize email.”


#Test & Send

Test what you are sending and want to address.  Testing allows us to make practical decision on your design and other information like – sender name, sender email id, subject line, copy, action buttons.

Once you are sure and you have all the material in place, it’s time to broadcast. Sit one day and schedule your emails as per your calendar planned. Through Marketerboard, you can send or schedule your email campaign smoothly.



What to measure?

Here are the important metrics which can help you measure of your email performance-

  • The delivered rate, open count/rate, click count/rate, unsubscribe list.


#Optimize & Grow

Based on your performance optimize your email campaigns and build a relationship with the target segment. Optimization can be done for creating new segment, writing new copy, taking high click rate action button and so on.


Wrap Up

With the increasing digital marketing channel it is becoming difficult to attract and retain customers, but email marketing remains a proven & cost effective channel. Also check out the best email template design practices to create a perfect emailer or newsletter.

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