8 Best Email Template Design Practices for Email Marketing


Struggling to design effective emails for your email campaigns even if you are using the best email marketing tool? Aspire to know the best tips and tricks behind email design or the best practices to create the perfect emails and newsletters?

All right then, let’s begin!

Below we have reviewed some of the email design best practices for you to create the best email template design for a successful email campaign.

Email Layout


                                 Email Template Layout

Watch out for some of the key points:

  • To ensure your email layout is compatible with the majority of the email clients, try to keep the email width between 600-640 pixels.
  • As per studies, a simple vertical layout designed with one of the best email marketing tool will deliver you better results rather than a horizontal one.
  • For better engagement, try limiting the content to four to five sections. In case of more content, try using a “table of contents” format, which will help the reader know what is in store.
  • Colors leave a psychological impact on the user and are very important in creating the right impression of your brand.
  • For the right balance, use a maximum of three to four colors. Light color background with a dark text upfront is a good idea.


Here are some of the topmost factors that you need to take care of:

  • Studies have shown that emails with 1-3 images at the most get better click-through rates. Make sure the photos you use are matching the subject line and the body copy; mobile optimized and have a fallback color to them.
  • Texts having background images layered behind them are not supported by many email service providers, for instance; Outlook. Try avoiding such images.
  • Remember to use the “alt text” for your images so that the user gets an idea what your images are in case they didn’t load; is turned off or blocked.
  • Animated GIFs are a pretty handy alternative to images. Try to stick to a file size of less than or around 1 MB for the GIFs you upload.

CTA Button

Your CTA button should have the following:

  • The placement of the button should be ideal, and the user should be able to see it promptly once he opens the email.
  • The copy should be to the point, must encourage the customer to take action and should have whitespace around it.
  • Keep a limited number of CTAs in your email and see to it your email is not overloaded with unnecessary action buttons.


Check the following regarding fonts:

  • Try to keep it up to two font styles at the most to avoid the design looking too crowded.
  • Try using standard fonts that are supported by most of the email clients. Some of the best ones include Arial, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Impact, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana.
  • Anything around 22 pixels font size for the email title and 14 pixels for the email body copy will serve the purpose.
  • Remember to use those email-safe fonts that are supported by fall back fonts as well. If your chosen font is not in alignment with the email service provider, your user can view it in the fallback font.

Concise Copy and Simple Content


                       Concise and simple content

Check out the key aspects:

  • Use clear and concise copy in a language easily understandable to the user and prompts the lead to take action.
  • Studies indicate that emails having around 20 lines of text achieve higher click-through rates than their counterparts.
  • Be sure enough that there are no grammatical errors, and the copy is free of spelling mistakes.

Links in Email

Following points are vital while using links:

  • You should check pre-hand whether the links in the email are clickable both on desktop and mobile and it should be easily track-able via UTM.
  • Instead of embedding videos in the email, try providing links of that which will take the user to a separate window to view it. A GIF teaser related to the video you want to upload will help you get more clicks.
  • At the top of the email, provide a clear link for the user to view your email in a new window, in case the recipient is not able to see your email in the inbox.


It should include:

  • Let the audience know on which social media platforms your business has its presence.
  • Don’t ever forget to add the “Unsubscribe” link and make sure it is prominent enough along with the contact information of your company.

Mobile optimized design

Around 68% of the audience worldwide open email on mobiles and 75% of the readers delete emails that do not look attractive enough on their mobile screens. These figures hint at the importance of using mobile responsive templates for email. You should use “to the point” subject line along with minimum content for the body and compatible images.


         Not Optimize                                 Mobile Optimized

Following the above guidelines will give the much-needed confidence and clarity while designing emails. For effortless email template design, you can definitely try out the MarketerBoard email marketing tool.

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