Email marketing threats and opportunities

Are you in a dilemma and wondering whether email marketing will work for your business? Is there any potential in email marketing? Well; the answer is a big “Yes”. If you are using the right email marketing tools and have secured the best email marketing software, your campaign just got the ideal head start.

Before we consider the probable threats and the “super” promising opportunities with email marketing, let us see what email marketing is!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy which lets businesses promote their services and products via emails.

Opportunities with Email Marketing

To achieve optimum results for your business, you need to know the opportunities email marketing offers. Let us evaluate some of the major ones here:

Let the statistics speak:

The statistics are very encouraging, and studies hint that more than half of the population worldwide use email; the figure stands roughly at 3.7 billion. The Radicati Group predicts that before 2021 ends the figures will touch around 4.1 billion.

In the United States, around 92% of adults use email while 61% among them are sending and reading emails on a regular basis. This data suggests the tremendous potential email marketing can offer to you to reach your target market and to earn more engaging customers in the long run.

Another report from Marketing Land shows that U.S companies alone sent 1.38 million out of 1.45 million emails per month. These numbers speak of the massive prospect of email marketing. They also bear the testimony to the fact that to stay ahead in the business you need to embrace email marketing; the sooner, the better.

Get higher response rates with customized content

Studies indicate your consumers are more likely to engage with personalized content and act hence. Email marketing comes in handy here which also offers the option of “Segmentation”. You can create subscriber’s list based on shared interests and needs and work on building relevant messages which can profoundly improve the email open rates.

Research also shows that emails with the customer’s name upfront achieve higher click-through rates than their counterparts. With the right email marketing tool at your service, you can easily design effective emailers every time you want to connect with your leads and get higher conversion rates.

Also with the growing number of mobile users, creating a mobile responsive email content can help your brand reach out to more number of consumers and earn higher response rates.

Threats with Email Marketing

Email marketing looks very much capable of delivering excellent results. But certain threats sound pretty alarming. Let us check them out here:


With ever-increasing cybersecurity issues, consumers are reluctant to view and read emails from an unknown source. Hacking of email addresses, activation of certain viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware are some of the looming factors that prevent readers from clicking on emails from a new business house.

Going beyond filters

Going past the spam filters can be a huge aspect in deciding the success of your email campaign even after using the best email marketing software. The new system of “Layered” Inbox from top email providers like Gmail, startups like Mailbox provides automatic filtering of the incoming emails. For instance, in the tab system of Gmail, the marketing emails might land up on the “Promotions” tab, and there are chances that it might affect active responses from the customers.

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