Lift up your business with simple, seamless & affordable bulk marketing campaigns platform MB Sendit. Great!!! You have setup your account, now figuring out what next is to be done? No worries, we are there to give a walkthrough of MB Sendit, explaining what it does?

Here are few prerequisite to get started with MB SENDIT –  

  • Get Approval
  • Database story
  • You are all set to go


Make a note of your choice, send a request and the rest is in our hand. To get started with, you will first need to send a request for sender ID and sender Email approval, the ID’s which you wish to use for you marketing campaigns.

How to do it?

Step 1 – Click on Gear icon on the top right corner


Figure 1


Step 2 – Click on sender tab from left nav bar.

Figure 2


Step 3 –For sender ID approval.

  • Click on sender ID tab,
  • Enter the preferred sender ID and mention purpose of message (always use – For sending promotional messages)   
  • Click on Add button


Notes –

  • Don’t forget to read the sender ID instructions.
  • The estimated time of your sender ID approval is 24 business hours.


Figure 3


Step 3 – For sender Email ID verification

  • Click on sender email tab from left nav bar.
  • In order to add a sender email id, click on Add Sender Button.  

Figure 4


    • When Add sender button is clicked, you will see a pop over.
    • Enter Sender Name, which you want should reflect in your user inbox.
    • Enter Sender Email
  • Click on Add button.     


Figure 5


As soon as add button is clicked an email will be sent to that email id for verification. When email ID is verified it will start displaying here with verified status.  


Keep in mind  

  • As soon as you request for sender Email ID a verification email will be sent to that ID which will expire in 24 hours. Unless sender ID is not verified, you will not be able to send or schedule email campaigns.
  • Through MB Sendit, only promotional messages can be send.
  • Sender ID request will be taken during business hours which is 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Monday – Saturday & it will take minimum 24 hours to get your sender ID approved.
  • There are certain instructions you should know for sender ID approval –
  • Sender ID Must be in 6 Alpha (Capital letters)
  • Sender ID & company name must matched. (if not mention the purpose of sender ID).



Next Step is to add or import database in your MB Sendit account, you can store unlimited contacts without any cost constraint. You can add contacts one by one manually or import contacts.

We have also brought you few default list to filter your database – Opt-out, unsubscribe, valid & bounce.


How to do that?

Step 1 – For Adding Contacts

  • Click on database tab from left navigation bar.
  • Click on all contacts tab  

Figure 6

Figure 7


Step 2 – Add contact manually

  • Click on add contacts button
  • Add contact page will open enter the mandatory information.
  • Click on add or add & new whatever is required.   

Figure 8

Figure 9


Step 2 – Import Contacts

  • Click on import button, a new import page will open.   

Figure 10.


  • Browse the file you wish to import, for your information we accept xls file format.
  • Select the list you wish to import contacts in.
  • Check  opt-in agreement.
  • Click on next button     

Figure 11


  • It is a time for mapping,  your sheet is imported now map your header fields with MB Sendit header.  
  • Click on next button.

  • Hurry!!! You file is imported successfully, you can check your database analysis here, which includes –


Valid –  it is a count of all valid, correct contacts  

Duplicate – it is count of contact already in your account and you imported again.

Invalid –  it is count of incorrect email id’s, means either you have given a space in your email id or leave any cell blank.




Keep in mind

  • While importing database it is recommended to import 20k database at one time for smooth importing.
  • Right now, we accept xls. file format for importing contacts.
  • Although you can upload unlimited contact, but you have to maintain you bounce rate, as if exceed to 3% then we will have to pause your account. Rather we suggest, if you have large database then you should go with a dedicated IP.
  • At one time, you can send email or sms to 5000 and can schedule to 20k.       

And It’s done!!!  you are all set to create your very first email or SMS campaign without any hassle.  



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