The perfect email timing and open rate

An all-time query bothering email marketers across the best email marketing platform is the email open rate, as it is one of the biggest features in your email marketing campaign. Several factors are influencing the email open rate as the email marketing tool you are using, the content of the mail, the subject, the timing, writing directly to the recipient and so on.

Studies have indicated that the timing part is a very vital aspect you should consider while deciding your email campaign even if you are using the best email marketing platform and email marketing tool. Before we leap into the discussion of the timing factor on the email open rate, let us review first what an email open rate is.


Email Open Rate

An email open rate is the number of viewers who view your email. While the definition sounds fair enough, you must know, it also involves a few more criteria.

  • The user clicks on the link(s) in the email.
  • The user allow the graphics in the email to be displayed.

Studies calculate the email open rate by deciding the number of readers who view your email against the number of emails delivered. Remember even if you are using the best email marketing platform and a competitive email marketing tool, a percentage of your mails might bounce back.

The open rate of emails has been on the rise over the last decade, barring the little decline in the percentage during 2013-2014. As of 2017, the average rate stands at 24.79% while over the years it has been steady at around 20-25%.

The figures look encouraging, isn’t it? Well, it does so. But remember, one mail out of four never goes past the spam filters, especially with the introduction of the “Layered” system (Tabs) of Inbox provided by email providers like Gmail.

What should you do in that case? Here comes the role of the timing of your email promotion through your email marketing tool.


Impact of the Timing of Email on the Open Rate

A fundamental yet commonly ignored element by newbies is the mail timing; that is the time at which you send your mails to your leads and subscribers. It can be one of the major grounds to turn your email marketing campaign into a success. If you end up mailing your potential customers and new subscribers on days when they are less likely to engage, then it could hurt your promotion.

Some of the aspects you should know before mailing:


  • The Perfect Day for Sending Emails

It is very vital for you to understand your customers and leads. So you need to do a little homework regarding the industry and related customer trends and know the days that suit them best and are keen to receive your emails.

You can ask your customers which day they prefer and how often they like to receive your emails. As per reports, Tuesday has been found to be the best option in the week to earn higher open rates. Figures have suggested sending emails on a Tuesday can get you open rates of about 19.90% while on weekends it might be around 16-17%.


  • The Right Time to Send your Emails

As per the regular trend, you can expect your readers to check their emails during the morning hours. But there might be exceptions to this pattern. So make sure, to try out other time of the day too.

Research hints that you can tempt your readers to open the emails if you are mailing them after 12 p.m. It has also been seen that 23% of users tend to open the emails in the first hour of the delivery.

Given the data, you should know that the open rates may vary industry to industry even if you are using the best email marketing platform. A little testing, understanding your customers, customer reviews and using the right email marketing tool will help you drive higher open rates compared to carrying out an unprepared promotion.


Happy Emailing !!!

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