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Marketerboard content calendar

Campaign Management

Either create new or choose from existing campaign, set a dates and you are all set to plan your content calendar.

Centralized campaign calendar view

You don’t need to spend hours in creating a calendar, we have done it for you, Get unified calendar view of your content.

Team - work matters

For a success of any project team work Collaboration is very important, therefore we have plugged task management to keep everyone on same page.

Multiple content type

You can produce or create any type of content here right from social – blog – video – presentations – infographics – website – webinar – case study - etc.

Generate Tracking URL

Although we are not publishing from our end but you will get a tracking URL to check your content performance.

Schedule as draft

Want to pitch for content marketing & present calendar? No worries schedule your content as draft & present your calendar.

Content Marketing Strategy Guide

Learn Content marketing strategy in 6 simple steps for your business.

Try planning your content for free

Plan content activities for free.