React JS developer JD


React JS Developer

Technical Attributes & Requirement

  • React, React Hooks, Redux-Saga, Functional Components
  • Modern CSS (modules, pre-processors e.g. SASS, LESS)
  • Material UI or Blueprint.js (additional React component frameworks), Sigma Compatible
  • Redux (client state management)
  • JavaScript Proficient including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model
  • Visualizations: Chart JS, D3 Js
  • Formik (data entry forms)
  • Project Management: (Agile), Jira
  • Deployment: AWS, Ubuntu
  • Jest (unit testing)
  • Familiarity with code versioning tools – git, SVN
  • Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools (CI/CD), JWT Authentication
  • Worked experience in project management software design, audio/video learning management, productivity tools, web/mobile analytics will be an added advantage

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Meeting with the development team to discuss user interface ideas and applications.
  • Reviewing application requirements and interface designs.
  • Developing new user-facing features using React.js & Material UI
  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers
  • Troubleshooting interface software and debugging application codes.
  • Monitoring and improving front-end performance.
  • Documenting application changes and developing updates.

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