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Our mission is to build a collaboration platform for your team and customer marketing programs.

The Story began almost 2 years back, Where we have been thinking. there are many great marketing and sales tools, and they are good at in their capabilities. However, there is no single tool which can cater not only to the entire marketing sales and service team in a collaboration from but connect other departments. We didn't stop there. We asked some of the marketers about it, whether they feel the need of a single platform or not. We got mixed answer. That triggered us to build it however it is a massive task for us.

We started writing codes, did some mistakes in selecting team, technology, etc. and wasted some dollers but didn't stop and continue building it. So far. our milestones are;

January 2016

We are born

July 2018

Launched Email, SMS & Database programs

December 2018

Launched Task, Digital, Content, Web Analytics.

March 2019

We are going to launch Conversation, Projects, PR & Communication.

December 2019

We have a target to complete our story, we’ve dreamed of.

Year 2020

We will be focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Machine Learning that can help improve data-driven marketing in a collaborative environment.

Our Champs

When passion, determination and excellence meet technology, great things happen.

We are a team of young and passionate folks, on a mission to simplify and re-shape a collaborative workplace with a new age of customer marketing technology for the industry.