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Create as many task as you can.

Get an overall grip of the entire task schedule with the dashboard. View the workflow, task progress, status, deadlines and more such effective features.

Get organize, Manage Task.

No more extra meetings, coordination & multiple file sharing. Organize and manage your team in more efficiently.

Keep it Public or create it for yourself.

Each task you create is public but, here is news you can also create and manage personal task as well.

We will not let you forget your task

Schedule task reminders for yourself or your team . Stay posted of the task progress and boost the productivity.

Get your priority in place

Every task has its own priority. MarketerBoard allows to set the priority of your task to have clear goal.

Assign Task

Relish helpful results with the assign task feature. Assign and delegate tasks to your team and increase the task efficiency rates.

Discuss on tasks with teammates

You can now discuss the tasks assigned, share and review project changes or the task in progress with the discussion feature.

Kanban view of your task

Single view of your tasks in visual format.


Assign tasks for free

Create and assign tasks for free.